Chance, Intuition and Interference as markers continue to inform the work inspired by Jean Arp and influenced by Louise Bourgois’ interrogation of her mother, motherhood and psychoanalysis.

In psychoanalysis one is required to consider past relationships of mother and child. In reality the past is a construct. With those ideas, I consider the now as a rough version of human experience, an in-between state of consciousness.

I use photography in my practice, for the magic it initiates and its many other possibilities other than a recording process. Surrealist photographer Dora Maar is an influence where the interior of the mind searches for spiritual truths.

My method has been to use past photographs from my archive collection ripped up and collaged of my daughter and re-photographed pierced by sewing needle for sunlight to shine through. I have further manipulated the remediated photographs by having the image printed onto fabric, then scanned to collect slightly different versions of itself folded and contorted.

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